How to Check Your Balance for Reliance Prepaid

By Jesse Futch

Reliance Prepaid phone cards are issued by Reliance Global Call, a company based in India. Reliance prepaid cards offer some of the lowest rates for calls from India to points around the world. These prepaid cards also offer competitive rates for local calls in India as well as calling from America to points around the world. When these cards are refilled using the prepaid option, there are some default options available that make finding the remaining minutes on the card very easy.

Step 1

Make a call to any long distance or international phone number using your Reliance Prepaid card.

Step 2

Enter your account information or PIN as you normally would.

Step 3

Note the balance as the "Ongoing Balance Announcement" comes on. This feature announces your remaining minutes or credits by default when your Reliance card is prepaid. The "Ongoing Balance Announcement" will be played each time your Reliance Prepaid card is used.