How to Check Your Verizon Wireless Balance

By LaoA

As in the case of any bill, you do not usually receive an email or text message alert when you go over your limit, but in the case of cellular phones, your allotted number of cell-phone minutes. However, if you monitor your cell-phone account on a consistent basis, you can put an end to overage fees. This allows you to know what type of wireless balance you have and to keep it at a reasonable level. If you know the proper commands to press on your cellular device handset, you can check your Verizon wireless balance in a matter of seconds.

Step 1

Figure out how you want to receive your balance data. For instance, you can get your balance directly on your cell-phone handset, or you have the option of contacting the customer service department of your network provider and requesting the information verbally. If you want to check your balance status via the Internet, you can also register online on your cell-phone provider's website.

Step 2

Turn on your Verizon cell phone, and go to your main screen.

Step 3

Type in the code #BAL or #225 or your cell phone. This allows you to see the amount of the last payment you made, as well as your current balance.