How to Check Your Wireless Card on Your Laptop

By Michael Wallace

If you can't enable the wireless Internet from your laptop's desktop screen, there may be a connection problem with the card itself. The best way to know for sure is by checking the card via the wireless compartment. Most modern computer companies have designed their laptops so that the wireless card is easily accessible from the underside of the computer. There is no disassembly of the computer involved and doing it yourself will save you a lot of cash by not taking it to a service technician.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips-head screwdriver

Step 1

Turn off your laptop computer and unplug the AC power adapter. Close the display and turn the computer upside down.

Step 2

Unplug the battery from its port in the bottom of the computer. Consult your user guide if you are having problems locating the battery.

Step 3

Locate the WiFi compartment on the bottom of the computer. Consult your user guide if you have problems locating it. Generally speaking it is the smallest of three compartments on the bottom of a laptop.

Step 4

Remove the screw (or screws) which holds the compartment cover in place. Lift the compartment cover up to expose the rectangular WiFi card inside. You will see one or two antenna cables connected to ports in the card, as well as one or two screws holding the card in place.

Step 5

Check the antenna cables and make sure they are plugged securely into the ports in the card. Then use your screwdriver to tighten the screws which secure the card.

Step 6

Replace the cover and screws when finished.