How to Choose a Good Computer Username

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Pick a username and e-mail address that's easy to remember - for you and for others.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet Access
  • E-mail Accounts

Step 1

Choose a name that's easy to spell, type and remember.

Step 2

Keep it simple and more or less free of special symbols.

Step 3

If you'll be using the name to receive e-mail for professional purposes, stick with permutations of your name: mjones, yang36, monica_velasquez and so on.

Step 4

Try "fun" names for a strictly personal account, but keep them short and sweet so people aren't misspelling them or forgetting them all the time: mamabear, cookiebaker and so on.

Step 5

Use your ZIP code to add a number to your username, if you need to do so: smith60615 or ngo_90814, for example. (Some popular ISPs and free e-mail systems have so many subscribers that it's impossible to get your first choice of name, so they suggest adding a number to the end.) You'll remember it, at least, if no one else will.

Step 6

Avoid using profanity of any kind in your username. Many systems have an "autokill" function that will automatically and instantly terminate your account if it detects an inappropriate username. Review the system's terms of service for more information.