How to Cite a Power Point Presentation

By Alyson Paige

When you use work created or published by another author, you must provide attribution for that information in your research paper. This includes PowerPoint presentations. The rules for citing PowerPoint presentations vary according to the style guide format required for your paper and according to how you accessed the presentation. PowerPoint presentations can fall into the category of lectures, presentations, public addresses and electronic sources. Use style guides including, but not limited to the Chicago Manual of Style (CMS), American Psychological Association (APA) and Modern Language Association (MLA).

Step 1

Cite a PowerPoint presentation according to CMS guidelines for notes and bibliographies NB. Write a CMS N entry for a PowerPoint slide presentation by numbering the entry. Follow each number with the presentation creator’s name followed by a comma and the title of the presentation in quotations. Place in parentheses the type of media, e.g., “presentation,” where the presentation occurred, including the hall, the city, state and complete date. End the entry with a period. Write a CMS N PowerPoint citation as follows:1. Sandra Fults, “Islamic Women and Hijab” (presentation, Colorado Free University, Denver, CO, January 16017, 2010). Write a CMS B entry using last name first format; this requires slight changes in punctuation and omission of the parentheses. Such an entry might read:Fults, Sandra. “Islamic Women and Hijab.” Presentation at Colorado Free University, Denver, CO, January 16-17, 2010.

Step 2

Follow APA style guidelines for an online PowerPoint presentation beginning the entry with the author’s last name, then first name, followed by a period. Enter the title of the presentation in italics, capitalizing only the first word of the title and any proper nouns. Place the file format in brackets, ending with a period. Indicate the site from which you retrieved the slide show with the URL. Write an APA entry for a PowerPoint presentation in the following way:Culbertson, Howard. 7 ideas for enriching Bible understanding [PowerPoint slides]. Retrieved from Southern Nazarene University Web site:

Step 3

Cite a PowerPoint presentation as a lecture or a public address using MLA guidelines. Use last name first format. End the author’s name with a period. Enter the media form, the location of the presentation and the date you viewed it. An MLA citation might read:Fults, Sandra. “Islamic Women and Hijab.” PowerPoint presentation. Colorado Free University, Denver, CO. 16-17 January 2010.