How to Cite Footnotes on PowerPoint

By Amanda Epperson

PowerPoint is a Microsoft computer software program used for presenting information, incorporating both text and images into slides. Sometimes, a traditional footnote is necessary to reference the source of the information. Unfortunately, "Alt+Ctrl+F", the MS Word shortcut for footnotes, does not work in PowerPoint.

Things You'll Need

  • Microsoft Office PowerPoint 2010

Step 1

Type the material to be cited into the body of the slide. At the end of this text, type the footnote number. Then highlight the number, click on "Font", then check the superscript box.

Step 2

Insert a text box at the bottom of the slide. Go to the Insert menu and click on "Text Box". The cursor will change to crosshairs which will enable you to draw the text box.

Step 3

Enter the footnote information, including the corresponding citation number, into the text box. To make the footnote smaller on the slide, decrease the font size.