How to Clean a MacBook Pro Screen

By Joseph Kowal

Cleaning a MacBook Pro screen is a fairly simple task if you know exactly how to go about it, as well as which products to use and which to avoid. Pay careful attention to this tutorial to avoid damaging your screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton cloth
  • Microfiber cloth

Step 1

Power down your MacBook Pro. You may be able to get away with cleaning it while the power is on, but a much safer method is to power off your machine before cleaning. You will also be able to see any dirt or dust that may be on the screen much easier when the computer is off.

Step 2

Take your lint-free cotton cloth and dampen it with clean water. Do not spray or drip the water directly on the screen--add it directly to the cloth.

Step 3

Gently clean your screen with the damp cloth. Start with left-to-right strokes; then perform top-to-bottom strokes and finish with small circular strokes.

Step 4

Get your clean microfiber cloth and dry the screen quickly using the same stroke patterns listed above. Do not allow the screen to dry by itself or water spots may form.

Step 5

Flip your microfiber cloth to the dry side and go over your screen one more time to polish away any imperfections that may remain.

Tips & Warnings

  • New or used T-shirts make excellent cleaning cloths for your MacBook Pro. Simply wash the shirt without fabric softener and place in the dryer without adding dryer sheets.
  • Bundles of microfiber cloths can be purchased at warehouse discount stores.
  • Do not use any cleaner or solution that contains alcohol or ammonia on your MacBook Pro screen. The chemicals will damage your screen---always use either clean, fresh water or solutions that do not contain alcohol or ammonia that have been designed specifically for computer screens.