How to Clean Computer History for Free

By Amy Brantley

There are a number of different reasons to clean your computer’s history. It may be something as simple as wanting to clean the computer before selling it. You may even share the computer and not want others to see your history. Regardless of the reason, knowing how to clean your computer’s history can come in quite handy. Best of all, knowing how to do it yourself can save you money. You don’t even need any special software. This task can be done for free.

Step 1

Right click the desktop taskbar. Make sure to actually click on the desktop taskbar, rather than an application. After right clicking on the taskbar, a menu will open giving you access to useful tools and applications, such as the Taskbar and Start Menu Properties.

Step 2

Choose "Properties" from the menu. Clicking "Properties" will bring up theTaskbar and Start Menu Properties window. This window allows you alter the look of your desktop and taskbar. This window also allows the user to make a few customizations to the computer.

Step 3

Select the "Start Menu" tab and click "Customize". After clicking "Customize", you’ll be able to add and remove items from the start menu and control the computer’s history.

Step 4

Click "Clear". On the Customize window is a button that says "Clear". Next to that button, the window informs the user that pressing the button will clear the computer of recently opened documents, websites and programs. Pressing this button will clear computer history so that the average user won’t be able to see what's been done on the computer.

Step 5

Clear browser history.To clear computer history more thoroughly, clear browser history as well. The above steps will clear website history, but accessing a browser’s options will also clear any saved passwords and cookies.

Tips & Warnings

  • A browser can be set up so that it doesn’t remember passwords or viewed websites.
  • Make note of passwords before clearing browser history.