How to Clean the Fan on a Compaq Laptop

By C.D. Crowder

The fan on a Compaq laptop is vital in keeping the system cool. An over-heated system can result in hardware failure, especially with the processor and hard drive. Regularly cleaning the fan prevents dust from building up and slowing the fan speed. Depending on your environment, you may need to clean the fan more or less often. Dusty environments will require you to clean no less than once per month, while the regular home user should clean the fan once every other month.

Things You'll Need

  • Compressed air

Step 1

Locate the fan vent on your laptop. You will be able to feel warm air coming from the area.

Step 2

Turn off the laptop and blow the compressed air into the fan vent. Keep the can at least 3 inches away from the vent.

Step 3

Restart the laptop.

Step 4

Blow more compressed air into the vent to finish cleaning the fan. You'll only need to blow for three to four seconds.

Step 5

If you have had the laptop for six months or longer without cleaning the fan, take the laptop apart to clean out all dust that has gathered on the fan and other components. See "Additional Resources," below, to download a manual detailing how to properly remove the back from your particular Compaq laptop model.

Tips & Warnings

  • Begin regular fan cleanings when you get your Compaq laptop.
  • Be careful when taking your laptop apart. Keep parts and screws together and follow the manual closely.Avoid getting the compressed air too close to the fan vent. Liquid from the nozzle may spray into your laptop otherwise.

References & Resources