How to Clean Up History on Mozilla Firefox

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Trying to keep your browser trails under control? Mozilla Firefox has its own ways of clearing old data from the browser. Users can choose to do away with only one or two elements of the information stored in browser history, making Firefox a more user-friendly browser. On the other hand, if you're used to Internet Explorer, the setting could take some getting used to.

Step 1

Close out windows and tabs. This first step involves getting your browser use under control when you have too many pages open. To close a window, click on the close button at the top right. Closing a window with multiple tabs will close all of the tabs in that window: alternately, you can choose to close only one or more tabs singly.

Step 2

Choose one or more "Clear Private Data" options by going to the "Tools" link and down to "Clear Private Data."

Step 3

Clear different parts of your data queue by checking or unchecking lines of the resulting window. You can choose to delete one or all of: Browsing history, saved form and search history, Download History, Cache, Cookies, Saved Passwords or Authenticated Sessions.

Step 4

Open history in the sidebar and delete individual browsing history links one by one. This is an alternate method to blanket-deleting by choosing "Browsing History" under "Clear Private Data."

Step 5

Clear individual downloads. Open the downloads window and click on "Remove" next to a download to delete it from your download list.

Step 6

Find relevant folders and delete info at its source. For cookies, find the folder that holds them and delete them singly or in bulk. There are some cookies that are difficult to delete this way, but most of them will simply disappear.