How to Clear a Paper Jam in a Canon Laser Printer

By Techwalla Computers Editor

Laser printers produce a high-quality product, which is why they are more expensive than inkjet models. This is also why a paper jam can be so frustrating. However, most of the time it is an easy chore to clear a paper jam in a Canon laser printer. Follow these steps to learn how.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer
  • Paper

What to Do

Step 1

Remove all paper from the trays. This will prevent further jams during the clearing.

Step 2

Remove the covering to the printer's outer case to expose the jam. Locate the jammed paper to ensure there is not another problem causing the stall.

Step 3

Pull gently on the jammed paper, taking care not to tear it. In most cases, this will remove the jam.

Step 4

Press the flashing "Printer Jam" button. This will allow the rotors to turn and facilitate the release of the jam.

Step 5

Turn off the printer and firmly pull on the jammed paper. Be careful not to tear it.

Step 6

Remove remaining paper shreds. if a tear occurs, remove any residual paper that may hamper printing.

Step 7

Refill the paper tray and try printing again. If the jam persists, repeat the process and search for more paper.

Tips & Warnings

  • If the simple fix doesn't work, call a professional printer repair person. If many sheets are stuck at once, pull on a sheet or sheets from the center of the jam to intermittently clear the jam.
  • Make sure the type of paper you're using is compatible with your printer.
  • Pull in the direction that the paper normally travels to avoid grinding the printer's gears.