How to Clear a Printer Queue

By Tammy Clevenger

Much has changed with the evolution of the Microsoft Windows operating system in recent years. In Microsoft Windows 7, clearing the printer queue is a bit trickier than in earlier versions of Windows. In Windows 7, the user must first stop the printer spooler service, then navigate to the print spooler folder and manually delete pending documents from the folder. This procedure is not difficult once you familiarize yourself with the necessary steps.

Step 1

Click the Windows "Start" button and then click "Control Panel."

Step 2

Click "Administrative Tools" and "Services."

Step 3

Right-click "Printer Spooler Service." Click the "Stop" button to stop the service.

Step 4

Right-click on the Windows "Start" button and click "Start Windows Explorer." Navigate to the "C:\WINDOWS\system32\spool\PRINTERS" directory.

Step 5

Delete all files in the folder but leave the folder intact.

Step 6

Return to the "Services" interface and click the "Start" button to restart the Printer Spooler Service. The printer queue clears.