How to Clear Browser History in Internet Explorer

By Techwalla Internet Editor

Internet Explorer's ability to keep a record of all the web pages you have visited in recent days can be a valuable tool when you need to find a page you've been to before. But it can also become a privacy issue, which is why Internet Explorer gives you the option deleting history items or clearing your entire history.

Step 1

Open your Internet Explorer browser window. View your history by clicking on the "History" icon and viewing the information on the tab that appears at the left of your screen.

Step 2

Delete individual history items by highlighting the item. Hover your mouse pointer over the highlighted item and right-click on it. Choose "Delete" from the drop-down menu, and select "Yes" when the window pops up asking if you are sure.

Step 3

Navigate to the "Tools" menu on the top of your browser window if you want to delete your entire history. Select "Internet Options." Under the general tab, find the section labeled "History" and click on "Clear History." Select "Yes" when the window appears asking if you are sure.

Step 4

Check your history section to see the changes you've made. You will be able to pull up your history and see no records of any of your past internet activity.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you don't want to save several days worth of history, you can reduce the number of days of history you want your Internet Explorer program to save by going to the "Tools" menu, and selecting "Internet Options." Use the up and down arrows under the "History" section on the "General" tab to select the number of days you want your history saved.