How to Clear Cookies in Safari

By Stan Kane

You can clear cookies in Safari to troubleshoot Web browser errors and to remove personal information from your computer. Apple Safari is a free Internet browser with similar functionality to Google Chrome or Microsoft's Internet Explorer. Safari is compatible with Apple computers, Microsoft operating systems and Apple mobile devices such as an iPad, iPhone or iPod. Cookies are small files on your computer that save personal preferences and contain other personalized information based on your Web browsing history.

Step 1

Open the Safari Internet browser. Select "Safari" from the menu bar located in the upper left portion of the window.

Step 2

Click "Reset Safari" from the menu options. A dialogue box will appear with a list of Internet browser settings.

Step 3

Verify the "Remove All Cookies" check-box is select. All settings are automatically preselected for deletion.

Step 4

Deselect any settings you don't want to clear. Other data fields that are automatically selected include "Internet History," "Empty the Cache" and "Clear All Names and Passwords."

Step 5

Click "Reset" at the bottom of the dialogue box to clear cookies in Safari.