How to Clear Google Search History

By Techwalla Contributor

The main reason why someone would want to clear Google Search History is to protect their privacy. If you share your computer with your family or other people then you need to protect your privacy!

Step 1

Internet Explorer 7 to clear google search history:1. Go to "Tools" menu2. Select "Options"3. On General tab, click on the "Delete" button.4. Click "Delete forms" button.5. Click Yes to confirm.

Step 2

Mozilla Firefox clear google search history:1. Go to the Tools menu2. Select "Options"3. Click the "Privacy" tab4. Click on "Clear Now".5. Make sure the "Saved Form and Search History" is checked and click on the "Clear Private Data Now".

Step 3

Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox Tool Bar:1. Click the Google logo on the Toolbar.2. Select the "Clear History" option.

Step 4

Your Google Search History is now clear. To confirm this, go to the Google toolbar and type a letter. If nothing pops up then you have successfully cleared Google search history.