How to Clear the Dell Latitude BIOS Password

By Alex Ramirez

Resetting a BIOS password can be crucial for those who need to edit their BIOS or boot order but have forgotten their passwords. On some Dell laptops, the BIOS password can be reset by manually moving pins on the motherboard, but the Dell Latitude series cannot reset its password by moving around pieces of the hardware. Instead, owners must call the Dell Technical Center to retrieve or create a new BIOS password that can be used.

Things You'll Need

  • Telephone

Step 1

Set your Dell Latitude laptop face down on a desk or workspace.

Step 2

Locate your "Service Tag" number. The number is located on a white sticker on the underside of the computer's outer case.

Step 3

Call the Dell Technical Center (877-293-1197). It may take a few minutes to get an operator on the phone, depending on how many calls the center is fielding.

Step 4

Explain that you own a Dell Latitude laptop, and you need to reset your BIOS password.

Step 5

Give the representative the "Service Tag" of your laptop. He will either reset your password remotely or send you a disc to reset the password. If he sends a disc, continue to Steps 6 and 7.

Step 6

Insert the disc into your CD-ROM and run the disc. Once the disc starts, it will ask what you want to change the password to.

Step 7

Input your preferred password and click "OK." This will reset your BIOS password.