How to Clear the Facebook Search Bar

By Adrian Grahams

The search box in Facebook and other popular websites auto-completes from a list of search terms that you've previously entered as you start to type a phrase into the search field. If you don't want other users of the computer to see what you've searched for, you might want to remove this list of previously searched terms. Facebook uses information saved on your Web browser for the auto-complete function in its search box. To delete this information you must clear Internet Explorer's browsing history.

Step 1

Launch Internet Explorer on the computer.

Step 2

Click the "Tools" button from the program menu, and select "Safety" from the context menu.

Step 3

Click "Delete Browsing History."

Step 4

Read through the categories in the "Delete Browsing History" pop-up window.

Step 5

Click the check-box beside "Form Data" to tick and select this option. Including the "Form Data" option in the delete process will remove the search terms that you've previously entered into Facebook. Click the check-box beside any other information categories that you want to delete to tick and select these options.

Step 6

Click the "Delete" button. This completes the delete process and the "Delete Browsing History" pop-up window closes automatically.

Tips & Warnings

  • All Web browsers include the option to delete browsing history. The location of this option varies by browser, but you can usually find it under the "Tools," "Security" or "Privacy" options on the browser menu.
  • Deleting the browsing history in Internet Explorer will remove search terms and other form data for all websites visited with the browser, not just Facebook.