How to Clear the Search History in Safari

By Todd Whitesel

As you surf the Internet with Apple's Safari browser, the URL or address of each Web page you visit is stored in Safari's history list. This makes it easy to return to any page, but it can also pose a security or privacy risk, particularly if you share a computer with others. Clearing the search history before exiting Safari prevents others from viewing your personal search history and maintains your privacy.

Clearing The Entire Search History In Safari

Step 1

Open the Safari browser and click "History" from the Safari menu.

Step 2

Select "Clear History" under the "History" menu.

Step 3

Verify you want to clear the search history.

Step 4

Click "Clear," and the history is erased.

Tips & Warnings

  • A second option exists to clear only certain pages from the history list. Click the open-book icon, located below the back-arrow button on the Safari toolbar. Place the cursor over and highlight any pages you want to clear, and press "Delete." Or you can right click and select "Delete."To clear the history list automatically, click Safari and choose "Preferences." Scroll under "Preferences" to "Remove History Items" and select an option to automate the process.
  • Clearing search history cannot be undone.