How to Clone a Hard Disk

By Michael Jones

Cloning your hard disk is pretty simple. All you need is a disk cloning program and a new location to save your cloned content to. This is usually a new hard drive, but it doesn't matter whether it's internal or external. Depending on how many files you're cloning, cloning the hard disk could take a long time. If you're working from a laptop, make sure your power source is connected before you start the cloning process.

Things You'll Need

  • Hard disk cloning software
  • New hard disk

Step 1

Buy disk cloning software that will work with your operating system. Most software will work for either a Mac or a PC, but not both. You can find programs that are compatible across both systems, however. If you're not looking to buy a new program, you can find free programs on the Web.

Step 2

Install your cloning software. You will either have to insert the software's CD-ROM or download a file from the Web and save it to a folder.

Step 3

Attach your new hard disk to your computer. Whether it is an internal or external hard disk, it will have to be connected in order for you to clone your original disk. Follow the instructions that came with your new hard disk to connect it.

Step 4

Open your program and highlight all the content that you want to clone.Then choose the destination you want the cloned content to be saved to.

Step 5

Click "Next," then select "Run Now." Your program will begin copying all contents from your old hard disk to your new destination.

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