How to Close a Microsoft Email Account

By Melissa Smith

Microsoft provides a free email account known as Windows Live Hotmail. This service allows you to send and receive emails from friends, family and businesses. Sometimes though, it is necessary to close your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail account. Maybe someone who is unauthorized has gained access to your email account or you simply do not need the account anymore. Closing a Microsoft email account can be confusing for people who have never done it but it is simple when you know the steps.

Step 1

Delete content from other Microsoft services such as Windows Live Messenger, XBox Live, Windows Live Spaces and Windows Live Skydrive. Doing this will ensure that your entire Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail account will be fully closed and inaccessible.

Step 2

Go to Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail's close-account page. This can be found at You will be required to sign into your Microsoft Windows Live Hotmail account.

Step 3

Click "close account" once sign-in is complete and follow the directions on the screen. Allow 365 days for your user name to be fully deleted within Microslft Windows Live Hotmail's system.

Tips & Warnings

  • Some e-mail accounts, like Microsoft Office Live Mail, can not be closed this way.