How to Close a Yelp Account

By Jackie Bailey

To close your Yelp account, sign in to your Yelp account in your browser. Send an account closure request through the Support Center.

The only way to close your Yelp account is to log in to your account through the website and submit a request for account closure. The mobile Yelp app does not offer the option to delete your account.

Visit the Close Account Page Directly

You can close your Yelp account directly from the Close Account page. Visit the Close Account page, sign in to your Yelp account, and fill out the request for account closure. After writing your request, click Send.

Use the Support Center to Visit the Close Account Page

Step 1

Click Support

If you cannot visit the Close Account page directly, sign in to your Yelp account in your browser. Scroll to the bottom of the Yelp homepage and click Support.


You must be logged in to your Yelp account to close your account.

Step 2

Search for Closing Your Account

Search for closing your account by typing "close account" in the search bar and click How Do I Close My User Account to find information on closing your Yelp account.

Step 3

Click Submit an Account Closure Request

Submit a request to close your Yelp account.


Once you delete your Yelp account, all photos and reviews will be lost. There is no way to recover any information deleted.