How to Close Apps Completely on an iPad

By Anne Hirsh

When the iPad's operating system, iOS, introduced the multitasking feature in version 4.0, apps stopped automatically closing when you moved back to your home screen. This makes it quick to switch between apps, but having too many apps open can drain your battery. Close the apps you no longer need through the multitasking bar.

Step 1

Press your iPad's Home button to exit the any app that is currently active. If you don't return to the home screen first, you will be unable to close the app you have active.

Step 2

Double-click the Home button to launch the multi-task panel.

Step 3

Hold your finger down on any of the app icons in the multi-tasking row at the bottom of the screen. Keep holding until the icons start to shake, then release the icon.

Step 4

Press the red minus symbol in the upper left corner of any app that you want to completely close. It will disappear from the multi-tasking bar, indicating it is closed. If you want to re-open the app, do so from your home screen or search panel.

Step 5

Press the Home button or tap the upper portion of the screen, outside the multi-tasking bar, to exit app-closing mode.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are having trouble with an app that is glitching, restart the iPad after closing the app from the multi-tasking bar.

References & Resources