How to Close Apps on Samsung Galaxy S

By Matt Skaggs

The Galaxy S 4G phone runs the Android operating system, and it has a variety of apps preinstalled. Many more are available in the Android Market. Typically, Android apps give you the option to close them when you're done with them, but sometimes you'll want to close apps if they continue running in the background or if you accidentally left several open and your phone is slowing down. The "Task Manager" app allows you to view what apps are running on your phone and force them to close whenever you want.

Step 1

Press the "Home" button, which has the image of a house on it.

Step 2

Tap the applications option, which is a blue icon with four white squares inside it.

Step 3

Tap "Task Manager." You will probably need to scroll down in the list of apps to find it.

Step 4

Tap the "Active applications" tab if the "Task Manager" doesn't default to it.

Step 5

Tap the "End" button beside whatever application you want to close. You can also tap the "End all" button to close every background app.

Tips & Warnings

  • Although closing an app from the "Task Manager" may be convenient, you can lose unsaved data, so exercise caution.