How to Combine Objects In Adobe Illustrator CS3 Software

By braniac

When your are working in Adobe Illustrator software often times you will want to be able to combine several shapes into a single object. This makes the overall image easier to work with. When you put the shapes together, you get one single object to work with and sometimes that is ideal for the illustration you are creating. The process for combining shapes is really very simple. This Adobe Illustrator tutorial will show you how.

Things You'll Need

  • Adobe Illustrator

Step 1

Open up Adobe Illustrator and create your first shape. In this case, I started with a triangle. Now add your second object. The shape that I want to add to the triangle is the square. I would like to make them one single object in Adobe Illustrator so that they are easier to work with and to color exactly right.

Step 2

Combine the shapes. Combining two objects in to one is really easy to do. Select both shapes by holding down the Shift key while single clicking with the selection tool in the toolbar. Click both shapes. Now open up your Pathfinder palette in the Adobe Illustrator Window menu at the top of the page (Shift+Ctrl+F9). Click on the button to Add To Shape Area and then click Expand.

Step 3

Do what you will with your new shape. Now you have a single solid shape to color, edit and work with as you please in Adobe Illustrator. You can also add more shapes to this one or add a stroke to this entire object.

Tips & Warnings

  • Keyboard shortcuts are much faster once you become accustom to using them.
  • Combining shapes can be a great time saver in Adobe Illustrator software.
  • Adding to shape area will make an entirely new object. The individual objects will no longer be editable in Adobe Illustrator.