How to Compare Toshiba Laptops to HP Laptops

By Richard Kalinowski

Toshiba and HP both make a wide variety of affordable laptops. Each offers a number of standard features, but they also contain unique features that must be taken into account when comparing models. Toshiba laptops and HP laptops must be carefully compared to ensure that you are getting the best brand for your individual needs. While Toshiba is right for some people, HP’s features are more appropriate for others. The trick to comparing each brand is knowing what key differences to focus on as you shop for your new laptop computer.

Step 1

Consider your space requirements. Toshiba laptops typically have larger hard drives, usually capable of holding at least an extra 100 GB when compared to competing HP laptops. While HP offers laptops with larger hard drive sizes, you’ll pay more for these models when compared to a Toshiba model with similar hard drive space. However, bear in mind that external hard drives can often provide expanded storage for your digital files without the hefty price tag of an HP upgrade. For many users, an external USB hard drive solves HP’s low storage space problem, but others find external devices too inconvenient.

Step 2

Evaluate your daily computing needs in terms of onscreen multitasking and simultaneous processing. When comparing HP and Toshiba laptops, it’s important to note that HP laptops make up for low hard drive space with extra RAM. Increased RAM helps HP laptops run smoother and faster when faced with several applications running simultaneously. If you typically only run one or two programs at a time, then a Toshiba laptop will work just fine. However, explains that Toshiba laptops tend to freeze up when several processes are occurring simultaneously on your computer.

Step 3

Consider the importance of portability for your computing needs. Each brand offers a range of sizes, but you’ll find a greater variety of small HP laptops, whereas Toshiba offers a greater selection of large laptop choices. Because of their girth, Toshiba laptops are not highly portable. Further diminishing their portability, Toshiba laptops have a shorter battery life span than HP notebooks, according to

Step 4

Evaluate your media needs. While the larger overall size of Toshiba laptops makes them less portable, their larger screen sizes make them more practical for media use. If you plan on watching a lot of videos, a Toshiba will offer a larger picture along with the aforementioned increased storage space for all your saved movie files. Additionally, Toshiba laptops are more likely to include embedded surround sound for better audio quality during video or music playback.

Step 5

Determine how important gaming is to you. With their increased RAM, HP laptops are already a cut above Toshiba laptops when it comes to gaming. Combine this with the fact that many HPs have better graphics cards, and HP notebooks stand out as the obvious choice for gaming.

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