How to Completely Clean Out & Restore a Computer

By Chappy Sinclair

Cleaning out your computer will get rid of clutter you don't use, free up space, and increase performance of your machine. To completely clean out and restore a computer (otherwise known as reformatting), you will need a disc for the particular operating system you plan on using.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows operating system disc
  • Product key

Step 1

Insert your Windows disc. Restart your computer.

Step 2

Enter the BIOS. After your computer beeps, you will be presented with a flash screen (the first screen that you see if you turn the computer on). Make note of the button that needs to be pressed to get into the BIOS. Press that button as soon as you find it.

Step 3

Select the "Boot Order" tab.

Step 4

Set "CD-ROM" to boot first. Doing so will result in the operating system disc being ran instead of going to the desktop when you power on your computer. Press "Save" and exit the BIOS.

Step 5

Press the space bar to boot from the CD-ROM. The disc will run and you will be taken to the Windows setup.

Step 6

Press the "D" key and delete all partitions. Press the "L" key to confirm. Do this until you only have "unpartitioned space".

Step 7

Select "Format using the NTFS file system". Be patient as this may take a while. Eventually, the computer will reboot and you will be taken to a more colorful Windows setup.

Step 8

Enter a valid Product key. This is usually located on the CD sleeve or in the CD case.

Step 9

Choose "Typical Settings" for Network Connections. Wait as Windows finishes the installation.

Step 10

Restart your computer when prompted. Your computer has been completely cleaned and is now operation again.

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