How to Completely Restore a Computer Without a Disk

By TS Jordan

Restoring a computer is often necessary after major system events such as viruses, hardware failures, or power surges, but not all computers ship with a recovery disk. Fortunately, restoring your computer is also possible through the System Restore feature that is built into the operating system. This can completely restore your computer to its state at an earlier time, alleviating your system's problem.

Step 1

Click "Start," open "All Programs," open "Accessories," and click "System Tools."

Step 2

Open "System Restore."

Step 3

Click on the option to "Use a different restore point."

Step 4

Select your desired restore point from the onscreen menu. Choose something that is prior to the point where the current problem began to manifest.

Step 5

Press "Next" to begin the autorecovery procedure.