How to Compress a WMV File for Emailing

By Quinten Plummer

While the WMV format can apply a fair amount of compression to video files, you can find other ways to make your WMV even smaller and fit for emailing. While you'll undoubtedly notice a decline in the WMV's audio and video quality, lowering your WMV's display size and bit rate can help you compact your video to a size small enough to attach to an email. And with the help of the Window Live Movie Maker, you can compress your WMVs without having to tweak the video's properties yourself.

Step 1

Download and install a copy of the Windows Live Movie Maker utility, if it isn't already installed on your computer (see Resources). Launch Movie Maker.

Step 2

Open the folder containing your WMV file. Drag and drop the file directly into Movie Maker's interface.

Step 3

Click on the "Movie Maker" button, located next to the "Trim" tab. Navigate down to the "Save Movie" heading in the menu that appear and then select the "For email or instant messaging" option from the list of options next to the "Save Movie" heading.

Step 4

Use the explorer window that appears to select a location to store the compressed file and to give the file a name. Click "Save" to begin compressing the file.