How to Compress an MP4 Video File

By Raul Avenir

MPEG-4 or MP4 is a video file technology developed to provide DVD quality audio and pictures in an extremely small file size. It can compress massive movie files into smaller sizes ideal for playing on portable MP4 players such as the iPod Video. MP4 file format is applicable to web-based videos and portable media player videos, and is considered to be an increasingly popular global multimedia standard. You can take advantage of this file format by knowing how to compress files into MP4.

Step 1

Click on the link in the Resources section below to download and install software that can convert video files into MP4 files of different sizes. The website offers both shareware and paid versions of this type of video conversion software. Click on the download link in the website and follow the onscreen prompts to proceed with the download. Open the download folder and click on the downloaded executable file if the downloaded file does not automatically open to install the program.

Step 2

Follow the onscreen prompts that will guide you through the installation process. Read and accept the End User License Agreement and complete the installation. Click on "Finish" once the installation is complete and allow the program to auto-launch. Click on the program's icon on your desktop to open it in case it does not auto-play.

Step 3

Click on the plus sign on the top menu bar of the program's interface to add videos into the compression list. Click on "Profile" and choose the type of device and compression that you want.

Step 4

Select the video size, video quality, audio quality on the right panel of the interface. Click the "Browse" button beside the "Destination" field and choose the location and output folder where you want the resulting compressed video file to be placed.

Step 5

Click on "Tools" on the top menu bar, and then click on "Bitrate Calculator" if you want to input a specific file size value (in Megabytes or MB) or simply want to further reduce the size of an MP4 file. The program will automatically adjust the audio and video bitrates once the file size is entered.

Step 6

Click on the "Convert" button to start the compression process and check the destination folder to view the file once the conversion is completed.