How to Configure a D-Link ADSL Router

By Jackson Lewis

Over the last decade, broadband and DSL providers have given the home computer user the ability to setup their own service with minimal interaction with the company's technical support department. When setting up a broadband router for a DSL connection, there are several steps that the user must take to configure the DSL modem for operations with the Internet Service Provider before he is able to go online. The D-Link ADSL router is a common router purchased for home use that can be configured for use without having to rely on your Internet Service Provider's assistance.

Things You'll Need

  • D-Link ADSL routerAdministrator permissions on your computer

Step 1

Connect your laptop or desktop computer to the D-Link router with an Ethernet cable. Open your web browser and enter the following IP address in the web address window: Login to the router through using the default login name admin and default password admin.

Step 2

Select the "Setup" menu at the top of the D-Link router home page and select "New Connection" on the next window. On the setup screen which then appears, select the type "Bridge" and input the number "35" into the VCI field.

Step 3

Select "Tools" and "System Commands" from the D-Link router page menu and click the "Restart" button. This will restart the D-Link router with the configurations saved.

Step 4

Open the "Control Panel" icon on your computer and select the "Network Connections" icon. On the menu screen that appears, double left click the "Create a New Connection" icon.

Step 5

On the resulting screen, select "Connect to Internet" and "Set Up My Connection Manually." Then, select the menu selection which states "Connect using a broadband connection" and the "Enter ISP Name" menu option that appears. Select the "Apply" menu option and the D-Link DSL router settings will be saved.