How to Configure Macbook to a Router

By Contributing Writer

Apple's MacBook, like most of today's laptops, has Internet capability. These days many people use routers as a quick and convenient way to access the web and surf wirelessly. Even if you aren't exactly tech-savvy, you can configure your new wireless Internet router to your MacBook. Setting up the router can take a little time, but don't worry. It isn't as difficult as you might think.

Things You'll Need

  • MacBook
  • Wireless router

Step 1

Plug your Internet router into a power source. If the router is new, be sure to remove any stickers covering it.

Step 2

Connect the router to the modem in your MacBook via the supplied Ethernet cable. The cable plugs into the port on the top-left side of your MacBook, directly under the AC port.

Step 3

Open the "System Preferences" application by clicking on its icon on your MacBook's desktop. Locate the "Network" icon near the bottom of the "System Preferences" icon. It is the purple icon in the shape of a crystal ball.

Step 4

Enter the Internet Protocol (IP) information in the text boxes when prompted. The IP information is specific to your particular router and is provided to you on purchase of the router.

Step 5

Open the Internet browser on your computer and you will be directed to a setup screen. Create a name for your wireless network and enter your IP settings again when prompted. Your MacBook will now be configured to your router.