How to Connect a Directv Receiver to My Wireless Internet

By Suzanne Smith Dickinson

Need to catch up on all the hot new shows on ShowTime and HBO? Did you miss a favorite program on another channel, or just want to watch it again? With DirectTV on-Demand, you can streamline select movies and programs from any channel in your package whenever you want through your wireless Internet connection.

Things You'll Need

  • DirectTV Plus HD DVR receiver
  • Wireless Internet access
  • Wireless router with Ethernet connection
  • Ethernet cable
  • DirectTV remote control

Step 1

Connect your wireless router to the DirectTV Plus HD DVR using an Ethernet cable. The Ethernet plug is on the back of the receiver.

Step 2

Wait for the receiver to detect your router and, using the arrows on your remote, select "Configure Now."

Step 3

Select the network from the list that appears on your screen and select "Continue." If you do not see your network in the list, select "Enter Name" and input the network information from your modem.

Step 4

Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the setup and exit when done. Verify that you are connected by selecting the "Menu" button on your remote, then "Parental," "FAV's" and "Setup."

Step 5

Select "Network" from the on-screen list, then "Connect Now." When the connection is successful, select "Continue" then "Done."

Tips & Warnings

  • Adding the on-Demand feature will require an update to your electronic program guide and may take up to 24 hours before you can access your new feature.