How to Connect a DVD Player to a DirecTV DVR

By Randall Shatto

A DirecTV DVR can record live television as well as pause, fast-forward and rewind programs. The DVR also acts as a gateway for HD programming. You must have an HD-compatible television for this option. Connect a DVD player to a DVR so you do not have to change television output channels. This method allows you to use one remote for all components hooked up through the DirecTV DVR.

Things You'll Need

  • Two composite A/V cables

Step 1

Put the DVD player next to the DVR as close as possible. The composite A/V cable has a certain area range.

Step 2

Take the first cable and plug it into the DirecTV DVR. Find the red, white and yellow connection ports on the DVR, typically under the title "Output AV." Push the cable into the correct color-coded spots.

Step 3

Plug the other end into the DVD player. Follow the same technique as step two. The wording could be different, such as "Input 1."

Step 4

Push in the second composite A/V cable into the DVD player. Look for the "Output 1" or similar wording color slots on the player. Insert into the correct color ports.

Step 5

Find the red, white and yellow slots on the television. Take the end of the cable from step four and push into the exact color ports. The title on the TV slots varies from "Input" to "Composite."

Step 6

Change the DVR "Output Format" to "480i." Push the button on your remote to access the DirecTV menu. Choose the "Message & Setup" option. Select the "Settings" and "Video" tabs. Choose the options that your TV supports, including "480i" as you cannot use the DVD player without using this format.

Tips & Warnings

  • The DirecTV DVR comes with one composite A/V cable. The cable has a red, a white and a yellow plug in on each side. To hook up a DVD player, you must buy another composite A/V cable.
  • Do not place the DVD player onto of the DirecTV DVR. The DVR cannot withstand the weight.

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