How to Connect a DVD Player to a Monitor

By James Clark

If you have an old monitor left over from your last computer, or a newer monitor sitting around idle (for instance, if you bought a laptop and no longer use a desktop), you can use the monitor as a television to watch DVDs. You'll also need a set of self-powered stereo speakers to hear the programming on the DVD if the monitor does not have built-in speakers. The trick to making this connection simply and inexpensively is an external TV tuner available at electronics stores. This devoce not only lets you connect the DVD to the monitor, it also allows you to connect a TV cable or satellite box to watch programming on the monitor.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer monitor
  • DVD player
  • External TV tuner
  • RCA audio to mini-plug adapter
  • External self-powered speakers
  • Surge protector power strip

Step 1

Check the type of cable connection for your monitor so you will know which type of external tuner to buy. Most monitors will have either a serial port plug, a VGA (Video Graphics Array) connector or a USB plug, depending on the age of the monitor.

Step 2

Buy an external TV tuner with the correct connection for your monitor.

Step 3

Disconnect all equipment from the power supply.

Step 4

Plug the monitor signal cable into the external TV tuner.

Step 5

Plug the yellow RCA video cable into the external tuner's Video In jack and plug the other end of the cable into the DVD player's Video Out jack.

Step 6

Plug the white and red RCA audio cables into the Audio Output jacks on the back of the DVD player.

Step 7

Plug the other ends of the RCA audio cables into the two jacks on the mini-plug audio adapter.

Step 8

Connect the mini-plug adapter to the mini-plug jack on the back of an external speaker, then connect that speaker to its twin using the mini-plug and cable that comes with them. A pair of old computer speakers is ideal for this project, or you can invest in a mini Surround Sound speaker package available at electronics stores.

Step 9

Plug the power cords for the DVD player, computer monitor and external speakers into a surge protector and plug the surge protector into a wall outlet.