How to Connect a DVD/VCR Combo Player to a Cable Box & HDTV

By James Clark

Hooking up a DVD/VCR combo player between a cable box and HDTV lets you record cable programming on videotape, watch cable shows without recording, or enjoy DVDs. Two sets of color-coded audio-video cables match up with the jacks on the cable box, combo player and HDTV for fast connections. You can record programs on videotape, but bear in mind that recording and playback will be in standard definition even though the combo unit is connected to a high-def TV.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 RGB video cables
  • 2 stereo cables

Step 1

Connect an RGB cable from the red, green and blue video OUT jacks on the cable box to the video IN jacks on the combo player. Insert each colored plug into the jack of the same color.

Step 2

Connect the stereo cable from the audio OUT jacks on the cable box to the IN jacks on the combo player. The white plug connects to the white/left audio jack. The red plug and jack are for the right audio channel.

Step 3

Hook up the other RGB cable from the video outputs on the combo player to the inputs on the HDTV's rear connection panel.

Step 4

Attach the remaining stereo cable to link the audio outputs on the combo unit to the audio inputs on the HDTV.