How to Connect a Fax Machine to Magic Jack

By Dustin Covert

Magic Jack is an easy and affordable alternative to having a land line in your home. It generally costs less than $40 and hooks up to your computer via a USB port. The Magic Jack then uses your Internet connection as a phone line and you can hook up any telephone device that uses a regular phone cord, including a fax machine. Magic Jack does not officially support the use of a fax machine with the device, but the manufacturer has offered a procedure that can determine whether your fax machine will function with Magic Jack.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Magic Jack
  • Fax machine
  • Phone cord

Step 1

Connect your Magic Jack to your computer's USB port, preferably a USB port on the rear of your computer tower if you are using a desktop.

Step 2

Allow Magic Jack to install all necessary software.

Step 3

Connect the phone cord to the Magic Jack and to your fax machine; make sure to turn off the error correction on your fax machine if it allows you to do so.

Step 4

Make a test call using the fax machine to ensure the line is working.

Step 5

Set your fax machine to the slowest fax speed. Send a test fax at this speed.

Step 6

Try to send a fax at all available speed settings allowed by your fax machine. You may be able to send faxes at certain speeds, but faster settings may not work. Try each setting to find the ones that work for your fax machine.