How to Connect a Fax Machine to Magic Jack

Although magicJack doesn’t officially support faxing because its Voice Over IP technology affects the quality of the phone connection, slower fax settings may work well with Magic Jack; therefore, with some configuration you may be able to use a magicJack to send and receive faxes as well as make normal telephone calls.

Dialing number
MagicJack VOIP technology can accommodate faxes in some cases.
credit: DragonImages/iStock/Getty Images

Connecting a Fax Machine to a Magic Jack Device

The installation of a magicJack is the same regardless whether you use it for voice calls or faxes. Once the magicJack is up and running, connect one end of a modular telephone cord to the magicJack and the other end to your fax machine’s phone jack. If the magicJack is set up through your computer, make sure that the software is set to “Normal (Hi-Speed)" and not "Air Card (3G).”

Fax Settings

Most fax machines have several settings that affect transmissions speed and image quality. To send high-quality faxes at the highest speeds, you need a fast Internet connection; if the connection has noise or other problems, the fax machine may report errors. When you connect your fax machine to the magicJack, send several sample faxes trying different settings. Use the setting that gives you the best image and shortest transmission time without errors.