How to Connect a Laptop to the Internet Through Another Computer

By Shanika Chapman

Using Internet Connection Sharing (ICS), you can use a host computer at home to provide an Internet connection to many devices, specifically a laptop computer. This can save money on routers, and in many cases provide more heightened security than when using a hardware router. Internet Connection Sharing can also be used to share a connection with more than one laptop or other devices.

Things You'll Need

  • Crossover cable or wireless router

Step 1

On the host computer, navigate to "Start Menu," "Control Panel" and "Network Connections."

Step 2

Right click on your Internet connection and click "Properties," then click the "Advanced" tab.

Step 3

Under "Internet Connection Sharing," check the "Allow Other Network Users to Connect Through This Computer" box.

Step 4

Click "OK," make note of the IP address and subnet mask listed, which should be: IP address -- and subnet mask --, then click "Yes."

Step 5

On the client computer, navigate to the "Start Menu," "Control Panel," "Network Connections" and "Local Area Network."

Step 6

Right click on "Local Area Connection," click "Properties," then click the "General" tab. Click on "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)," then click "Properties."

Step 7

In the "Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)" window, click "Obtain an IP Address Automatically," then click "OK."

Step 8

Navigate to the "Start Menu," "Control Panel," "Network Connections" and double click on the "New Connection Wizard" and follow the on-screen instructions.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are not using a wireless connection between the two computers, you will need a crossover ethernet cable to connect the computers together, and a second Network Adapter card on the host computer. Either way, the two computers will need to be connected via one of these methods.