How to Connect a Laptop to WiFi Without a WiFi Provider

By Greyson Ferguson

Wi-Fi Internet access allows you to connect to the Web without any cables. Although this features is very helpful, it can often cost extra on your monthly bill. If you want to connect to Wi-Fi, but don't want to pay extra for the service or go through an Internet provider, you do have a few different options available to you. These options don't always work in all areas, but chances are if you have a mobile computer, you can find a way to access free wireless Internet.

Step 1

Power on your Wi-Fi receiver. Right-click the wireless Internet icon in the lower right corner of your desktop to view all of the current wireless Internet networks. Click on a network that is not locked (a lock is placed next to all password protected networks). Once connected, you can browse the web as long as the signal strength can maintain a connection.

Step 2

Visit your local library or university. Typically, these facilities have free Wi-Fi you can access just like you would with a local wireless Internet connection.

Step 3

Check to see if your city offers free citywide Wi-Fi. Many cities are starting to move towards this route. You can find this information on the city website.

Step 4

Go to a local hotspot. Most hotels or hangouts, such as coffee shops and snack restaurants have free public Wi-Fi. Although Starbucks charges you to access the Internet, other popular locations such as McDonalds (beginning January 2010) allows guests to surf the web for free.