How to Connect a Macbook to a TV

By Dan Gaunt

Television manufacturers have made it much easier for consumers to attach personal electronic devices like Apple's MacBook by increasing the number of video inputs. When Apple shipped its first MacBooks in 2006, they included a multipurpose Mini-DVI port that could send video to external displays through a variety of formats---VGA, DVI, S-video and Composite to name a few ( In their Late 2008 Aluminum MacBooks, Apple adopted the new industry-standard Mini DisplayPort that boasts DVI, VGA and Dual-Link DVI connectivity (

Things You'll Need

  • Mini-DVI Port Adapter OR
  • Mini DisplayPort Adapter

Connect Your MacBook to a Television

Step 1

Determine the correct Mini-DVI or Mini DisplayPort adapter for your MacBook and television.

Step 2

Turn the television on and connect the adapter to the appropriate port.

Step 3

Boot MacBook and connect the adapter.

Step 4

Toggle the television's video input to the selected adapter. This is frequently available on remote control buttons as "input."

Step 5

Open "System Preferences Displays" tab on your MacBook to control resolution and video-mirroring capabilities.

Tips & Warnings

  • Mini-DVI and Mini DisplayPort connectors have a short length, so female-to-male extension cable can help.
  • To play MacBook audio through your television, attach a male-male minijack cable from the MacBook to your television. No further configuration is required.