How to Connect a Router to Verizon FiOS

By Jay Darrington

Verizon FiOS involves setting up a fiber-optic cable to connect to your computer as well as a TV. In case you have multiple computers to connect to, Verizon also offers a combination modem/router as well for you to use. However, if you don't like the router you were given by Verizon, you can substitute another router in its place, using the original modem/router as a bridge to the FiOS service.

Things You'll Need

  • Router
  • Ethernet cable

Step 1

Open the web browser on your computer and type "" into the address bar, then press Enter.

Step 2

Enter your username and password when prompted. Typically, you can enter the username and password "admin" and "password," respectively.

Step 3

Click on "My Network" at the top of the screen, then click on "Advanced" to see all connections for your modem. Click on "Network Connections" setting on the left menu.

Step 4

Click on the "Broadband Connection (Coax)" from the connection list. Then click on the "Settings" button to bring up the main settings for your FiOS router.

Step 5

Enable the "Privacy" setting for the connection if it is not already enabled.

Step 6

Click on the "Release" button and then click "No IP Address."

Step 7

Click on "Apply" to apply these settings.

Step 8

Click on "Network (Home/Office)" in the "Connections" list, then click on the "Settings" button. Check the box next to the "Broadband Connection (Coax)" under the "Bridge" interface, and then check the box under the "STP" column.

Step 9

Disconnect all computers from the Verizon modem. Connect the computer to your new router via the Ethernet cables, then connect the router to the router/modem.

Tips & Warnings

  • You will no longer be able to use Verizon FiOS TV if you do this.