How to Connect a Surround Sound System to a DirecTV Receiver

By Greyson Ferguson

Satellite provider DirecTV offers multiple upgrades of satellite receiver, some in full HD and others in standard definition. All of these receivers have a surround sound system output. This gives you the ability to directly hook up the satellite receiver to a surround sound system, with only one cable required. Doing so allows you to listen to all television programs in totally immersed sound, instead of the direct stereo sound produced by the television.

Things You'll Need

  • Digital optical audio cable

Step 1

Plug the digital optical audio cable into the "Digital Audio Out" port on the back of the DirecTV receiver.

Step 2

Connect the other end of the digital optical audio cable into the "Digital Audio In" port on the surround sound system. There are usually multiple digital audio connection ports, so remember the specific number printed next to the port into which you are inserting the cable.

Step 3

Power on the surround sound system and the DirecTV receiver. Wait a moment, as it will take the surround sound receiver a second or two to connect to all the audio devices.

Step 4

Select the audio input you have the DirecTV receiver connected to, and your satellite programming will be produced in full surround sound.