How to Connect a Toshiba Laptop to a Television

By James Clark

Toshiba laptops are equipped with video and audio ports for connecting to external devices such as a monitor, set of self-powered speakers or a television. The Video Graphics Array (VGA) port on the Toshiba can be modified to connect with a TV by attaching an adapter cable to a standard VGA cord. The S-video socket on the other end of the adapter connects to the TV. An audio adapter and standard stereo cables provide the sound connection.

Things You'll Need

  • VGA cable
  • VGA to S-video adapter
  • Y-adapter
  • Stereo cables

Step 1

Attach one end of the VGA cable to the 15-hole video port on the edge of the Toshiba and turn the bolt on each side of the plug clockwise.

Step 2

Connect the plug on the other end to the VGA connector on the adapter cable and tighten the two knobs on the plug.

Step 3

Orient the S-video plug on the other end of the adapter cable so the four metal pins inside line up with the four holes in the S-video port on the back of the television.

Step 4

Plug in the small connector on the Y-adapter to the Toshiba's headphone jack, then connect the two plugs on the end of the stereo cable to the jacks on the Y-adapter labeled L and R. The white stereo plug connects to L.

Step 5

Insert the white and red plugs on the other end of the stereo cable into the matching color audio inputs on the rear of the television.