How to Connect a Vizio Sound Bar

By Richard Schupp

Sound bars are great for home theater enthusiasts who want the best sound from their systems. They are also very stylish devices, since the entire speaker system fits in one sleek unit. Sound bars can be placed on or inside entertainment centers or mounted on a wall, depending on your home entertainment setup. Vizio makes several models of sound bars, and installation is a simple process.

Things You'll Need

  • Analog audio cable

Step 1

Connect the input end of the AC/DC power adapter to the port marked "24V DC" on the back of the Vizio sound bar.

Step 2

Connect the optical connection from a home audio system, receiver, DVD player or amplifier to the port marked "S/PDIF" on the back of the Vizio sound bar.

Step 3

Connect the output of a subwoofer to the port marked "SUB OUT."

Step 4

Connect the red and white analog audio cables from an output on the back of a TV, DVD player or other device into one of the inputs on the back of the Vizio sound bar. Depending on the model of sound bar purchased, the number of analog audio inputs will vary.

Step 5

Plug the AC adapter into a wall outlet once the other connections are made, and press the power button on the front of the sound bar to turn it on.