How to Connect a Wireless Laptop to a Network Printer

By Jeffrey Ober

Having a printer on your network can make your work easier, and this is especially true if you have a laptop connected to your network. It will also allow you to create documents on your wireless laptop when you're away from your printer and network, and when you return to the network, the printer will print your documents for you. Any printer you can connect to a computer that is networked is able to be used by a wireless laptop computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Printer connected to a computer on a network
  • Wireless laptop able to connect to the same network

Step 1

Attach the computer directly to the computer on the network. The printer has to be installed and working on that computer. Be sure you install all the required drivers for the printer when you set it up.

Step 2

Share the printer on the network. To do this on most computers, you can right-click on the printer icon and select the sharing option. Be sure you share the printer for everyone, or at least for the users who will be using the wireless laptop computer.

Step 3

Connect the wireless laptop to the network. Use whatever methods your network requires to locate the wireless network and connect the laptop to the network. The printer will not work unless the wireless laptop is actively connected to the network.

Step 4

Add a printer to the laptop. When you add the printer, your operating system software should allow you to select a local printer or a network printer. Be sure you select the network printer option and locate the printer on the network. When you add the printer, it will take the driver files, if needed, from the computer where you installed them in Step 1.

Step 5

Use the laptop to print directly to the printer. As long as there were no permission issues with Step 2 and Step 4, you should be able to print to that printer as if it were attached to your wireless laptop.