How to Connect a Wireless Printer in Windows XP

By Bonnie Conrad

If you have a wireless network in your home or office, you can make printing your documents much more convenient by purchasing a wireless printer and adding it to your network. Once that wireless printer is set up, you will be able to easily print your documents from anywhere in your home.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless printer
  • Wireless network
  • USB wireless setup cable
  • Installation CD
  • Wireless network name and password

Step 1

Unpack your wireless printer and remove any packaging materials. Make sure you have everything you need before you get started, including the installation CD and USB wireless setup cable that came with the printer.

Step 2

Check the name of your wireless network by hovering your mouse cursor over the wireless connection icon on the lower right corner of your screen. You should see a message saying "Connected to X" where X is the name of your wireless network. Make sure you have the password for your wireless network if you have been assigned one.

Step 3

Log on to your computer and place the installation CD in your CD or DVD drive. Allow the software for the printer to install. Allow the installation program to find your wireless printer.

Step 4

Connect the USB wireless setup cable when prompted. Disconnect the cable when you are prompted, then send a test print to the printer.