How to Connect a Wireless Projector

By Steve Gregory

Connecting a wireless projector to a network will allow all computers on the network to access the projector's services wirelessly. Not only does this eliminate the need for cables, but it also allows you to place the projector in the best location to display images. In order to connect the wireless projector to the network, you must configure the projector's wireless settings and install the software on each computer that will connect to the projector.

Step 1

Turn on the wireless projector, and then navigate the menu on the projector's screen to configure the wireless connection. For example, press "Network," and enter the wireless network's name; then press "Security," and enter the password for the network.

Step 2

Insert the wireless projector's installation disc into a computer connected to the wireless network. The install wizard will open. Follow the prompts from the wizard to install the wireless projector's drivers and software. Click "Finish" when the wizard has completed installation. Install the software on each computer you want to connect to the wireless projector.

Step 3

Click "Start," then "Control Panel." Select "Network" or "Network and Internet."

Step 4

Click "View network computers and devices" under "Network and Sharing Center." The wireless projector will be displayed in the list of devices in the window. This will confirm that the wireless projector is properly configured and connected to the wireless network.