How to Connect an Antenna to a Direct TV Receiver

By Chris Moore

If you need to connect an antenna to a TV with DirecTV satellite service, you have to use your TV's RF coaxial port. This is no problem if you can connect the satellite box through another TV port like the component ports. But if the coaxial port is the only option for both, you must connect the antenna to the receiver to route its signal that way. You need a device that is the opposite of a splitter--one that combines the antenna and satellite signal and transmits them both through one cable to the receiver. If you have multiple TVs and receivers to connect, you need a more complex device.

Things You'll Need

  • Satellite splitter/combiner
  • Four-way multiswitch
  • RF coaxial cables (at least three)

Step 1

Get a satellite splitter/combiner or a four-way multiswitch from any electronics store. Make sure the splitter is designed for satellite TV and not VHF/UHF or cable TV. If you are only connecting to one satellite receiver, the simple combiner is enough. If you are linking multiple LNBs or receivers, you need the multiswitch.

Step 2

Connect your antenna to the combiner's port labeled "Antenna" or "ANT" using RF coaxial cable. Connect the DirecTV satellite receiver box's output to the "SAT" port on the combiner. Connect the combiner's last port to the TV. You can now use and adjust the antenna on any local over-the-air channels.

Step 3

Look over all the ports on a multiswitch if you need to get one. It normally has three coaxial ports on one side and four on the other. Connect the antenna to the port that says "ANT IN."

Step 4

Attach the cable coming directly from your satellite dish into one of the multiswitch's satellite input ports. These should be on the same side as the antenna port you connected. If your dish uses a second LNB, connect it to the other satellite input port.

Step 5

Link your primary satellite receiver box to one of the four receiver ports on the other side of the multiswitch. Connect any extra receiver boxes to any of the three remaining receiver ports. If you're connecting receiver boxes in multiple rooms, you will need several feet of coaxial cable and possibly a double-female adapter to connect multiple cables.

Tips & Warnings

  • If you are connecting more than two dish LNBs or more than four receiver boxes, you will need another multiswitch.