How to Connect an Ethernet Cable Modem

By Lucosi Fuller

An Ethernet cable modem transforms a cable signal into a signal that a computer can use to access high-speed Internet through an Ethernet port, which is useful if your computer doesn't have a USB port or if the modem isn't USB-compatible. The installation of an Ethernet cable modem is simple -- so simple, in fact, that you should have the modem connected a few minutes after opening the box that it came in.

Things You'll Need

  • Cable modem
  • Cable modem power adapter
  • Cable modem software disk
  • Cable wire
  • Ethernet cable

Step 1

Power down the computer. Be sure that the system is not in hibernation or standby mode.

Step 2

Position the cable modem and the computer so that the two can be easily accessed by each other. A clean work space is a good work space. You don't want wires all over the place.

Step 3

Attach the cable wire to the cable outlet in the wall and to the cable modem by twisting the ends clockwise until they can't turn anymore. Using your fingers will work just fine because if you tighten the ends too much with a tool, you may strip them when you try to get them off.

Step 4

Insert the end of the Ethernet cable into the Ethernet ports on the cable modem and the computer. An Ethernet cable looks like a large telephone cord and the port looks like a telephone jack.

Step 5

Connect the cable modem power adapter to the cable modem and to a wall socket or a series circuit and wait for all the lights on the cable modem to come on and stabilize.

Step 6

Start up the computer. When you log on, the computer will automatically detect that new hardware has been installed and it will request that you install the software that will allow it to function.

Step 7

Insert the cable modem software disk and a wizard will appear to guide you through the installation of the software. This last step should take a few seconds because the computer is only installing drivers that will help the system to run the modem. When the installation wizard is complete, the process of connecting the Ethernet cable modem will be finished.