How to Connect an HDMI TV with an Analog Receiver

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Three connectors on one end of a composite AV cable.

HDMI (high-definition media interface) is a type of audio-video digital protocol common on HDTV sets and flat-screen computer monitors. Most HDTVs also are equipped with other connection ports, such as composite AV, so that older components, such as an analog receiver lacking an HDMI port, can be connected. The receiver instead connects to the TV with a three-plug composite cable equipped on both ends with 1/4-inch RCA-type connectors. The plugs match the jack colors for connections.


Step 1

Unplug the analog receiver and the HDMI television.

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Step 2

Match and attach the three plugs on one end of the AV cable to the three outputs on the back of the analog receiver. Note the labels on the outputs, such as "Video 3," when setting the receiver's selector control.


Step 3

Plug in the three RCA-type connectors on the other end the cable to the corresponding inputs on the back of your HDMI television.


Step 4

Plug in and turn on the components.

Step 5

Set your receiver to the name of the outputs used for the HDMI TV connection, such as "Video 3."



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