How to Connect an iPhone to a TV for Video Output

By Mario Calhoun

If you wish to watch movies or music videos on your television through your iPhone, you can do so with the proper audio video (AV) cables that are sold at your local Apple store as well as on the online Apple Store. Using the dock connector on your iPhone, the cables will display the iPhone's screen on the television and are compatible with high-definition televisions as well as those that use the older composite ports, according to Guy Hart-Davis, author of "How to Do Everything iPod & iTunes."

Things You'll Need

  • Apple Composite AV cable
  • Apple Component AV cable

Step 1

Plug the docking end of the AV cable into the dock port on the bottom of the iPhone.

Step 2

Plug the component or composite cables into the matching color-coded port on the back of your television. For TVs that have component ports, the colors are red, blue and green. Televisions that use composite ports have yellow, red and white ports, according to Hart-Davis.

Step 3

Turn on your television, and set your television's input channel to "Component" for component televisions or to "Video" for televisions that have composite ports.

Step 4

Press the "Home" button on the iPhone, and unlock the phone by sliding the bar on the screen to the right. Tap the "iPod" icon on the screen, and tap the "More" icon in the lower right corner of the screen.

Step 5

Tap "Videos" in the "More" menu, and tap the video that you wish to view to begin playback.